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Jasmine Teas: Hand rolled, the pearls unfurl slowly showing delicate leaves that cup to a pronounced sweet liquor. Nice soft, floral flavor.

Health Benefits:
Researchers have compiled an impressive list of healthful benefits attributed to the regular consumption of green tea. Specifically, green tea contains a group of antioxidants (flavonoid polyphenol compounds) known as catechins. These antioxidants act as disease fighters protecting cells from the adverse effects of cancer causing free-radicals found in our bodies. They act to prevent tumor-generating conditions and thus the potential onset of disease. Catechins may prove beneficial for the treatment of existing cancer and the prevention of heart disease. Tea drinking increases one's daily fluid intake, helps to maintain a healthy metabolism and circulatory system, acts as an antiviral, inhibits oral bacterial plaque and is a rich source of vitamins.

Jasmine Dragon Pearls

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Aromatic, naturally sweet & floral (China)

$24.00 3oz. Bag

Available In Store Only.
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Organic Jasmine Dragon Pearls (China)
Aromatic, naturally sweet & floral
Quiet and soft, this tea will always treat you well. Hand rolled and later infused with the essence of fresh Jasmine flowers. The pearls open during brewing to release their pale brew in this relaxing tea. Steep for 2 - 3 minutes.