Welcome to Izzy’s Cha’ Tea
Tea helps to balance your body.
It warms your body, cools your body, keeps you healthy.

Just like making friends,
you must try them all to see which one suits you.

*Izzy's Cha' Tea is available In Store Only. If you would like to purchase our tea and live far away, give us a call and we will ship it to you: 501-868-4311

Izzys’ is your source for the world's finest teas. We buy many of our teas in early spring & fall, with the first pluckings, when the leaves are fresh and delicate and their tastes are most pronounced. We buy 100% organic, fresh tea. This is very important when trying to get the maximum health benefit from your tea. Our sources are consistent and certified organic.

All of our teas are purchased directly from the Tea Farmer, thus eliminating the “middleman.” This insures that we get high quality tea at a fair price, and that the Tea Farmer can sustain his business, keeping the century old practices of making tea alive!

Discovering the wonderful flavors and health benefits of tea has been an amazing journey. I am proud to be able too share it with you.

Heather Isbell