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At IZZY’S, we specialize in Fresh Food Made Daily. Every item on our menus is made by us, with our own recipes. We are firm believers in Fresh is Best!

At IZZY’S we have something for everyone in your party, even the real picky eaters.
Famous Hot Tamales
Juicy Burgers
Big Fresh Salads
Healthy Sandwiches
Home Made Soups
Brick Oven Pizza
Delicious Pasta
...and more!

Since we make everything, there are many menu items that we have been able to adapt into “Special Diet” food items, such as Dietary Gluten Free & Vegan, without sacrificing taste, flavor or appearance.

We have also traveled the world to find the finest, freshest loose leaf teas possible. I guarantee IZZY’S is the only place you can order World Famous Hot Tamales with a pot of
Fresh Imported Oolong Tea!